Home Network, Part 3

The last time I posted anything was just shy of a month ago. The work related to keeping things clear enough for the electricians to work was nonstop the entire period they were working (September 21 through October 5 for my wife and me). On Sunday October 6 my wife and I were off to San Diego for a wedding on October 7, which was the day the city came to inspect the job. It was also the day the networking part of the job was finished. We got home late from San Diego that night and then we flew to Savannah GA for a week. We got back home (after a long, long travel day) on Sunday, October 13.

This is the first week I have had any time to play with the network. Monday was a day off and we spent most of our time recovering. Back to work on Tuesday, which was tiring and left me with little motivation to do any technical work. Besides, cleaning up my office became the primary task. Wednesday there was a doctor’s appointment which gave some time to play, but again, cleaning up the office was of paramount importance. Wednesday night I let my dogs outside and they got blasted by a skunk. This kept the wife and I up all night. I took Thursday off from work to deal with the skunky dogs; plus I had a dentist appointment that day. I went to the dentist and now I had to take Friday off as well to deal with the pain.

Cut to tonight, Sunday, and I am finally over the dental pain, mostly. I have set up my network minimally at this point. The most important part is setting up my printers. I have three: a small inkjet, a laser, and a large dedicated photo inkjet. I have to figure out a way to put them in the same space in my office while simultaneously making sure that each has the room to be operated easily. I also need to make sure I have room for the many other things I have to store in my office.

All this to say that though I have been preoccupied with setting up my home network for the last month, I am just now starting to work on it in earnest. The office is 95 percent clean at the moment, though I am going to mop it before I move things around in order to get rid of some of the skunk smell that still lingers. Also, the skunk scent lingers on the dogs as well, though I am loathe to get rid of them.

At any rate, I am back and have other things to write about. Hopefully this is the week that I get back into my groove. Wish me luck.

Home Network, Part 2

So I have decided how I want my data network to be set up. To start with I need ethernet connections from my living room, garage, and office to terminate in my office. In my office I will have an area set up where the ethernet terminates (like a patch board) and with adequate power outlets (a dozen?). Of course this will take some planning and effort, but I believe it will future proof my home, data wise at least.

I need to get a switch, perhaps a NAS server, patch cords, and on. I think a shelving system is an important choice. I need to make some changes in my office.

The data part, while important, is not the end of it. There is also the stereo part. I don’t know if it should be based on Bluetooth or Wifi. I even found out about Apple Air Play 2 (yet another thing to research). I have been doing constant research on this for the past week, to the neglect of some other things I should be doing (reading and writing).

Along with that my wife and I have been clearing out the needed space in the rooms for the electricians to work. It has been quite a lot of work. Exhausting! It is amazing how many things you have stored away in your life that you completely forget about.

I have had to throw out a lot of things in this process. Things I forgot I had. Things I no longer need. Things I do not now understand that I ever needed to begin with.

All of this because I am getting the electrical in my old house (built in 1939) updated. Funny how this process, which is seemingly outside of myself, causes so much self-reflection. Reflection on what is important to you, along with how much it is worth to you in monetary terms.

What I know is that music and computers are important to my wife and I. Also important is that my house not burn down due to the lack of outlets and the knob and tube wiring. I suppose that as this process unfolds (which begins tomorrow morning) I will learn even more.

Home Network

Tonight I am preoccupied with building a home network. I am having electrical work done to my house starting next week. As part of the work I am having some network cables installed.

One of the questions I have to answer is how I want these terminated. Should I have a patch panel installed? Should I just work around a switch? Where should all of these be located physically? Lots of questions to answer.

Along with these concerns I would like to make sure there is a strong wifi signal in my garage and to the furthest reaches of my yard. I also want to wire the backyard for sound, but I am unsure whether to create a separate audio system for the backyard or if I should integrate it into the data network I am having built.

Because I cannot think of anything else to write about at the moment, this is what you get. Please feel free to comment if you have advice or stories of your own about being in similar straits. Also, any complaints? I would love to hear them.