My name is Leo. This is probably obvious because the blog is called Leo’s World. I have profiles elsewhere online: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter; each of these is fine for its purpose, but is also rather confining. I prefer a looser format which allows me to make additions, deletions, updates, or revisions according to my own whims. I don’t like being forced to change by unseen overlords who are chasing the latest market hiccups.

My most important roles in life are husband and father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, and friend. I work as a drone in department 371 of a massive government organization; this pays my bills and allows me to pursue my interests. At least, it pays me enough to be able to maintain this blog.

My interests are myriad and varied. I have degrees in public administration and negotiation, conflict resolution, & peacebuilding. My academic interests include leadership, structural violence, social capital, community organizing, and strategy. My avocational interests include art, photography, gardening, ecology, history, computers, theology, spirituality, writing, and publishing.

I suppose I aspire to be a bel-esprit.

The world is what you make of it. I long to explore the outer realm of internet pointlessness, and that can’t easily be done within the ready made and safe corporate confines heretofore mentioned. If you follow this blog you are going to have to deal with a confusing, though sometimes interesting, array of topics that may not seem to have any connection.  I will meander and saunter along the way, but, if you stick around long enough, you will begin to understand how they are connected; or not. You may learn something along the way, or, again, not. It is up to you to decide how long you want to stick around and whether you want to learn anything. Choose wisely.

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