Hanging garden day 34

So we are a day shy of 5 weeks. The garden is doing well. The tomato and the lemon cucumber plants that were my original hanging plants are both fruiting. I don’t know if that is according to schedule or better, it is just nice to know that my plants are fruiting. The others that I planted are starting to flower, so the fruit won’t be far behind.
As a matter of fact, my jalapeño plant is fruiting very well right now. I will let you know how hot the chilies are when I make my first batch of salsa.
It is interesting to me to note that the plants are all still growing up. I wonder if the weight of the fruit will weigh down the plants? In another couple of weeks we should know.





Hanging Garden, two weeks later

Two weeks into my little project, the plants seem to be doing well. They have all grown quite a bit. I planted each of them with planting mix, a few scoops of manure, and a little osmocote. I am kind of surprised at how well the Jalapeño chili, the one in the middle, is doing. Happily surprised. Makes me wonder what else might do well.